Meet The Team

The Elisabeth Curtis Centre, Riding for the Disabled is an independent charity and registered company which is managed by a team of trustees / directors who oversee the running of the charity, called the Management Committee.

A team of coaches, both paid and voluntary, work on the Coaching Committee to oversee the day to day running of sessions, volunteer and participant management and management of equine welfare.

We finally have a whole team of volunteers (too many to mention) that support sessions, organise fundraising and events and help keep the centre in top condition.

Management Committee


Victoria Liston

Chair of Management Committee. Trustee / Director.


Pearl Farr

Secretary to Management Committee. Trustee / Director. Safeguarding Officer. Member of Fundraising Team


Kyle Palmer (He/Him)

Chair of Coaching Committee. Trustee / Director. Coach.


Ros Ward

Trustee / Director. Chair of Fundraising Team.

Veronica Bradley

Trustee / Director. New Volunteer Coordinator. Member of Fundraising Team.

Could this be you?


Coaching Committee


Gina Dunn

Pony Welfare Officer. Coach.


Charlotte Dunham

New Participant Coordinator. Coach

Could this be you?




Kristina Cuthbert


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