Al Barnes


I have lived on Chestnut Avenue for over 20 years and used to live right next door to the Centre. We used to enjoy watching all the activity at the centre and the horses and riders in the sensory garden just over our fence. At the time I was in the Royal Air Force and frequently away from home with little time to spare. Now in a more mainstream job (but still flying!), and with children who are now teenagers, I have a bit more time to offer - and so I recently offered my services to the centre.

Although I'm not a natural 'horsey' type I am enjoying learning as we go, but I do like to get involved and try to make a difference where I can.

The Centre is a very special place and I'd like to ensure that it is here for many more years to come for disabled riders, and those around us, to enjoy. Apart from being a very 'local' contact at the centre, I will be concentrating my efforts, with the team, in to developing the site and the charity to enable further growth in the future.

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