Pearl Farr


I joined the team in 2010 after retiring from Aircraft Research Association , I suddenly had time on my hands and, by chance, saw an article in the local paper about the centre, and they wanted volunteers! Yes, I’ll give it a try!  With no equine knowledge, but willing to learn, I started volunteering on Monday mornings, and started side-helping. The role of Session Organiser became vacant, so I took that on, which gives me the opportunity to interact with the riders and carers when they arrived.

With many years involved in Scouting, mainly in ‘management’ and training roles, I joined the Management Committee, as a Trustee. I felt that skills gained from Scouting and my past employment would be transferable, and could be put to good use.  From here I joined the Fundraising Group to help support the events and countless fundraising activities held throughout the year.

I am Secretary of the Management Committee, and Safeguarding Officer that includes ensuring all volunteers and paid staff has a current DBS check.  This ties in well with my current Scouting roles of County Local Training Manager and District Executive Committee member. Similar roles in two different organisations!

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