Kristina Cuthbert


I officially joined the team as the morning groom in 2019, during RDA’s 50th year. Although, my history with the centre goes back before becoming a groom.

Before coming to the centre as a groom I had done 21 years working at a local special needs school. I had various roles from bus driver, lifeguard & staff trainer and specialised in challenging behaviour & autism.

Over the years, I brought many students to the Elisabeth Curtis centre and have seen the place grow and the smile and difference it all makes.

As I mentioned my history with the centres goes further back than when I joined as a groom. I was a Saturday volunteer in about 2008  and before that in the 80s I was a volunteer.

I grew up with horses and ponies at home & enjoyed showjumping and gymkhanas. I worked on  racing yards from a young age and went over to Spain  to work on  a stud farm.

I’ve been lucky enough to now be working back in the enviroment that I love with some very special four legged superstars!!

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