Caroline French


I live opposite the field where the ponies spend much of their time. I love looking out of my kitchen window first thing in the morning seeing them silhouetted against the sunrise. As a family we regularly donate to the centre and have also sponsored a brick in one of the stables.  I’m married to Neil – we have a teenage son Dylan and 2 young rescue dogs.

I decided to join the team because I have time that I can offer and I know that the Centre always needs more volunteers. I wanted to use my skills and expertise to volunteer in a few different areas.  I love spending time outdoors in nature so assisting with gardening and ground maintenance is a perfect choice for me.  I attended a Mental Health First Aid Course recently and will be championing this by bringing awareness to mental health for volunteers and visitors to the centre.

I don’t have any experience with horses apart from falling off a friend’s horse nearly 40 years ago; however, that hasn’t deterred me and I’ve already been fortunate to ride Lolly whilst helping out on my first session.

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