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50 Years of RDA UK

In 2019 the RDA celebrated its 50th anniversary and a number of events were organised both regionally and nationally to celebrate. Events at the centre included an extended Coffee Morning and anniversary themed   riding sessions during the week. 

The seating area gets a roof

Over the summer of 2012 volunteers helped to enclose the indoor school seating area to make it more comfortable for riders, parents, carers and helpers, especially during the winter months.

The tack room is built

The Centre subsequently had to put a number of security systems in place and in 2009 built a dedicated tack room extension to the existing office/kitchen.

Becoming our own charity

On 1st April 1999 changes to the RDA National constitution saw the Centre become a charity in its own right whilst retaining its membership of the RDA. The Centre’s growth and development have been due to the efforts of a vast amount of people, …

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