Here are some accounts of our day at the Regional Championships at Oaklands;

I thought that the competition last Sunday was great. I enjoyed it, particularly when my pony went a bit faster than usual. However I struggled to post the letter and I dropped it two times! LOL. I eventually succeeded though. I was a bit scared when I was just about to go on Huggy Bear, because some of the other ponies were a bit upset. I love Huggy Bear! He is a very nice horse! Thank you for letting me take part.

The competition was fun! I rode Sunny and he didn’t eat the apples that I had to put in the bucket. He tried to help me open the gate which was funny! We watched a bit of the dressage at the show and I entered the art competition too. I came 3rd in my class so I got a yellow rosette.

This was the first year our daughter was entered into the countryside challenge. It was a fantastic day for all the family. A week on and our daughter is still talking about it. She treasures her rosette and shows everyone. Taking part has been great for her confidence. If she didn’t have riding she’d have very little.  Thank you

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