RDA Regional Qualifier, Oaklands College, St Albans


On Saturday 11th May, a small army of volunteers descended on the stables, loaded down with buckets, soap and towels. For Tom, Muscadeu, Huggy and Bonny it was bath time! Bathing a horse is not easy! Ours are very patient and don’t make a fuss, but it always seems to end up with too many bubbles and soggy volunteers, and this Saturday was no exception! But it was all worth it because the next day was THE SHOW!


Sixteen riders from the Thursday morning session and both Tuesday sessions arrived at Oaklands College early on Sunday. All were very keen and perhaps a little nervous; for some it was their first time. It was the first time for Bonny too. She was there mainly to get her used to the environment, ready for next year (maybe). All riders had been entered into the Countryside Challenge, in different classes according to their age. This competition mimics a ride in the countryside with all the obstacle that you might meet. There are gates to open and farmyard animals to negotiate – sheep can be very scary!


All riders completed the course without incident and as you can see from the huge smiles in some of the pictures, really enjoyed the experience. Leigh did particularly well in her class and came First. This means she will go forward to the National Championships in July. Well done, Leigh. We look forward to hearing how you get on.


We must, of course, say a huge “Thank You” to all the volunteers who made this happen and to Chris for all the wonderful pictures. It was certainly a day to remember!

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